ASEV Travel - Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

It has been since the beginning of the 1990’s that ASEV has been acting as an incoming travel agency, organizing and selling trips first to Thailand, then to Laos (1997), to Myanmar (2007), to Cambodia (2008) and to Vietnam (2017).

Our Values

ASEV promotes forms of tourism which are socially responsible, economically productive and environmentally friendly

Value 01

We set up our tours so that they bring advantages to the hosting population and avoid the usual frenzy of organized tours.

Value 02

We impose a rigorous follow up of all our services.

Value 03

We foster the participation of the local population in all our fields of activity, thus our travellers never feel like spectators.

Value 04

We take into account the interests, the rights and the desire for autonomy of the local population.

Value 05

We respect their laws, customs, traditions and cultural features.

Value 06

We choose the best business conditions for each partner. Excessively negotiating for always lower prices leads to the exploitation of populations and a loss of quality control.

Value 07

We collaborate as a partner with the local providers and the local population.

Value 08

We allow more time to observe, favoring encounters to make the most of new experiences.

Value 09

We empower our guides to encourage responsible tourism.

We are also involved in the development of the countries we visit, which is why we support the association "Les médecins de Chinguetti & Pakbeng", by contributing to the construction and functioning of a dispensary in Pakbeng, Laos

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