About Us

It has been since the beginning of the 1990’s that ASEV has been acting as an incoming travel agency, organizing trips first to Thailand, then Laos (1997), Myanmar (2007), Cambodia (2008) and Vietnam (2017).

Throughout the years, the agency has acquired a thorough and exclusive knowledge of these countries:

  • Thailand: the land of smiles
  • Laos: the land of a million elephants
  • Myanmar: the golden land
  • Cambodia: the land of time
  • Vietnam: the land of dragon

Our Teams

Our teams are based in several locations:






What We Do

ASEV offers original productions, from trekking trips to cruises, from cultural to off the beaten track experiences and from discovery trips to adventure tours. Specialized in tailor-made tours, our destination experts are attentive to ones needs and requests in order to adapt each travel offer.

Our teams organize packages intended for groups or individuals.