ASEV TRAVEL's added values

ASEV Travel at the heart of eco-responsible projects in Laos.

Collaboration with the association ‘Les Médecins de Pakbeng’ with whom we have contributed to the construction of a dispensary in the city of Pakbeng in Laos

Collaboration with the Mekong Eden Farm in Luang Prabang for the renovation of a traditional Lao house

Privileged partnerships guaranteeing quality services

ASEV TRAVEL works in close collaboration with Sanctuary Hotels & Resorts to ensure its clients quality services.

ASEV TRAVEL empowers its guides to encourage responsible tourism.

A long-standing expertise

ASEV developed when tourism was in its infancy. Throughout the years, the company has acquired a thorough and exclusive knowledge of the country


Laos has been open to tourism since the 90s only. It is still a genuine destination, and if the growth of tourism is still strong, Laos remains a confidential destination

Its heritage is most and foremost natural (country of high mountains, valleys bordering many rivers), cultural (two sites are classified World Heritage) and ethnic (it is the highest ethnic diversity in South East Asia.)


  • The city of Luang Prabang
  • Vat Phou site
  • The Mekong, the Mother of Waters
  • Herds of wild and domestic elephants
  • The greatest ethnic diversity in Southeast Asia


Laos stretches over an area of 236,000 km2 and over 1000 km in length. It is bordered by China in the north, by Myanmar in the north-west, by Thailand in the west, by Cambodia in the south and by Vietnam in the east.

It is the only country on the Indochinese peninsula to have no outlet to the sea. The mighty Mekong river crosses the whole country and serves as a natural border with Myanmar and Thailand.

Navigable all year despite many pitfalls, it is the lung of the country. Almost all of the arable land is by its banks.


From May to October, it is the monsoon season; make sure to pack waterproof clothes or to bring an umbrella. From November to May, it is the dry season; do not forget a hat and suncream. On the other hand, in December, January and February, make sure to take a jumper or cardigan along, especially for the cool mornings and evenings, particularly if you are travelling to the north of the country, which, at this period, is subject to strong amplitudes of temperatures during the day.


Laos is the least populated country in Indochina, with just over 6 million inhabitants, that is to say 25 inhabitants per km2. More than 80% of Laotians live in the countryside. Laos, from a demographic point of view, is the country with the lowest average age in Indochina. The people of Laos are often considered by their altitudinal distribution (lowlands, midlands and upper high lands).


Laos is a socialist republic with a single party, the Lao People's Revolutionary Party. The Lao president since 2016 is Bounnhang Vorachith and the prime minister since that same year is Thongloun Sisoulith.