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Acute knowledge of the country and its traditions thanks to a local multilingual team

A French-Vietnamese agency manager having been in the travel industry for over 10 years accompanied by a young and dynamic team

ASEV Travel in the flavour of the moment

ASEV recently opened Vietnam as destination and has therefore been able to get away from the ordinary as to offer 100% original programs

A solid network guaranteeing quality services

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Vietnam opened up to tourism in the 1990s and has become a staple destination in South East Asia. Bordered by the China Sea, the country is known for its beaches, rivers, temples, rich history and bustling cities.


  • The mountainous provinces of North Vietnam
  • Well anchored traditions
  • The magnificent Halong Bay
  • Bustling Ho Chi Minh
  • The Southern natural reserves
  • The beaches


Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia, surrounded to the west by Laos and Cambodia and to the north by China. It is bordered by the China Sea, the Gulf of Tonkin and the Gulf of Thailand. It has a surface of 331 212 km2. Its maritime border is 3,260 km long. Vietnam is made up of three main regions, called Bô:

  • in the North, Tonkin, or Bắc Bộ, with Hanoi and Haiphong as major cities ;
  • in the center, Annam, or Trung Bộ, crossed by the Annamite Cordillera, with Hue and Da Nang (formerly Tourane) as main towns ;
  • to the south, Cochinchina, or Nam Bộ, with Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) as main city.


Vietnam faces 2 seasons:

    • the dry season: from November to April in the south of the country and from February to August in the center
    • the wet season: from May to October in the south and September to January in the center.

The seasons are more strongly felt in the northern half of Vietnam than in the south, where the temperature varies only between 21 ° C and 28 ° C.


Vietnam has a population of 92.7 million and is composed of several ethnic groups spread throughout its territory. The majority people are those of the Viet, also called Kinh, mostly located in the plains and along the great rivers of the country.


Vietnam is officially a "Socialist Republic". Only one party is allowed, the Vietnamese Communist Party which controls all the political institutions of the country. The position of President is currently occupied by General Trần Đại Quang