Covid 19 Travel Updates


Facing Covid – 19 crisis

While Covid-19 has spread across the globe, the impact is mostly stable to date in Asia as the virus and intensive security measures were set from Day 1 but with the numerous travel restrictions set within our destinations regular updates are of need to remain upfront of news.

The travel industry is working as a whole with ASEV Travel making sure to crosscheck all information and valid sources to ensure to provide accurate information to all. 

ASEV Travel has and will continuously follow up on the COVID-19 virus within our destinations of operations  and suggests to follow strict safety guidelines (FAQ with WHO Travel Advice).

What we know in terms of figures :



















Entering or exiting SE Asian countries - Status per country:



  • Flights: Suspension of all international flights for :

         - Thai Air Asia  until 25th April. 
         - Thai Lion Air until 30th April
         - Thai Smile until further notice
         - Thai Airways will cancel most of its flights to Europe from April 1st
         - Bangkok Airways until further notice

Land borders between Thailand/Laos, and Myanmar/Thailand have all been closed

  • Restrictions:  From March 26th until April 30th, Land, sea, and air travels into Thailand will be denied to all foreign nationals. 

Foreigners transiting through Bangkok capital to a third country may do so only until 31st March  11.59pm following the below procedures:
- Transit time to last no more than 24h
- Passengers are to show a health certificate to prove they are fit to fly
- Transit passengers are to only remain in transit areas and to strictly comply with disease control measures

  • General Procedures: Closure of tourism venues until April 30th. Checkpoints set in Bangkok capital. Nationwide curfew, to be effective from 22.00 to 04.00 hr, starting from 3 April 2020 onwards until further notice.



  • Flights: No flights to or from China and South Korea. Vietnam Airlines has suspended all international flights until 30th April.
  • Restrictions:  The Vietnam Government has decided to further measures as below:

    Temporarily suspend visa applications to all nationalities until 17th April

  • General Procedures:  In case of non-compliance with the above instructions, travellers will automatically be placed in quarantine for 14 days by the Vietnamese authorities upon arrival or will be denied access to the territory. 

In addition, the Vietnamese authorities have closed certain areas within cities and regions (streets, sites, hotels, etc.) in order to limit the spread of covid-19. 



  • Restrictions:  Temporary entry restrictions effective from 30th March 2020 from 23h59:

         - Suspension of visa excemption policy and insuance of tourist visa, e-visa and visa on arrival to any foreigner for a period of one month
      - Foreigners travelling to Cambodia must obtain a prior visa from Cambodian Embassies/Consulates abroad. A compulsory heath certificate issued by a competent health authority no more than 72h prior date of travel is required as to certify travellers has not been tested positive for Covid-19. In addition, each passenger must provide proof of an insurance policy that shows a minimum medical coverage of no less than 50,000 USD.

Suspension of entries through waterways and Mekong landings on hold. Chau Doc border crossing is closed until further notice

  • General Procedures: Travelers subject to screenings upon arrival and compulsory quaranatine upon arrival.



  • Flights: No more incoming passenger flights until 13th April
  • Restrictions: From 29th March, authorities have suspended the issuance of entry visas. 
  • General Procedures: Travelers are subject to screenings upon arrival. Border check points from neighboring closed to all foreign nationals.



  • Flights: Limited flights to all international and domestic destinations. 

All border checkpoints and crossings between Thailand and Lao PDR (including the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge 1 Nongkhai - Vientiane) are closed until further notice.

  • Restrictions: Starting from the 20th March, all types of visas on arrival, electronic visas (E-visas), tourist visas and visa exemptions are suspended for a period of 1 month.
  • General Procedures:  All entertainement events are put on hold and massage parlours, night markets and bars closed until further notice. All passenger transport services are temporary suspended.



  • Is it safe to travel to Southeast Asia?

- All tourism authorities have reacted efficiently as soon as the virus was made known of to limit risks
- Local authorities also issue public announcements informing about general safety measures
- ASEV Travel has managed at the best of abilities the repatriation of guests and worked on the postponing of current travels for the smoothest of outcomes

  • How is safety managed by ASEV Travel?

- Travelers are advised to frequently wash their hands and wear a health mask in public if preferred although not compulsory according to WHO if healthy. It is recommended for travelers to bring along masks with them as stocks may be low in some countries. Assistance is given to travelers on the ground if they require any mask purchases. Sanitary gel recommended to be brought along by travelers
- All emergency numbers are running at all times and our teams remain available for any support 

  • How is ASEV preparing the future?

- We are eager to look forward to the future and give all postponed projects or new ones to come a great impulse. All teams are at work and well preparing for the second part of the year activities. Time is ideal for new production and innovative tours!
- We would like to thank in advance tour operators and agents in the trust they will give to SE Asia and the potential of the region to rebound.